Press Release: Family Archival Debuts Premiere Crisis End-of-Life Planning Service

Press Release: Family Archival Debuts Premiere Crisis End-of-Life Planning Service December 9, 2013 —

Family Archival Solutions Debuts Most Comprehensive Modern Family Crisis and End-of-Life Planning Service available

 LA-based Startup Provides Expert Guidance, Peace of Mind, and Secure Solution for Families to Properly Protect and Claim Digital and Physical Assets

Direct Link: LOS ANGELES, Calif. – December 10, 2013 – Today, Family Archival Solutions (FAS) announced the launch of Legacy Planner 360, the most comprehensive and secure family crisis and end-of-life planning service that helps protect personal legacies and save families from additional stress, conflict, wasted time, and unnecessary expenses during and after a crisis and/or loss of a family member.  Unlike other piecemeal services, Legacy Planner 360 goes well beyond digital document storage and tutorials to provide the most comprehensive online resource and physical storage available for end-of-life planning.

Many Americans do not adequately and properly execute end-of-life planning, which often makes the process of protecting and transferring their assets much more difficult, time consuming, and expensive for their families.  In 2013, an estimated 120 million Americans do not have a basic estate plan, while annual unclaimed life insurance benefits now total an estimated $1 billion.1,2 According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, $33 billion in total property and cash remains unclaimed, including abandoned safety deposit boxes, inactive checking and savings accounts, uncashed checks, and forgotten stocks, bonds and/or dividends among other assets.3   The majority of unclaimed insurance and assets will never be claimed.

“Simply put, we help save families from additional stress during and after the loss of a family member” said Mark Nicholas, CEO and co-founder of Family Archival Solutions.  “Our service is designed to protect family members’ legacies, find their assets, preserve their digital storage, and carry out their special wishes without creating unnecessary risks of confusion, conflict, delay, bias or misconduct that often occur after a loved one passes away. We help families mitigate these risks so they can enjoy spending more time celebrating the precious memories of their loved ones.”

A Complete Solution for Complete Peace of Mind

Legacy Planner 360 provides the most comprehensive crisis preparation and end-of-life planning tools, giving individuals and families peace of mind that every detail is handled properly in the complex arena of estate administration. Key features include:

  • Digital and Physical Asset Storage – In addition to digital storage (e.g., passwords for email services, photo sites, Facebook, Twitter, documents, etc.) and helpful tutorials for end-of-life planning, Legacy Planner 360 stores income sources, tracks physical assets and documents, and delivers emails and videos to loved ones.
  • Proprietary Claims Process – Instead of only allowing pre-selected individuals designated by the account holder to initiate the claims process, Legacy Planner 360’s proprietary claims process also enables proper legal parties (e.g. attorneys, executors, CPAs, etc.) to get involved.  This ensures that personal wishes and hard-earned assets are handled properly, legally and efficiently.
  • Legal Knowledge CEO Mark Nicholas, a seasoned attorney with 20 years of experience and a thorough understanding of estate law and family protection requirements, created Legacy Planner 360. While FAS does not provide formal legal advice, families can rest assured they will encounter fewer legal issues and recover more assets than other end-of-life services.
  • Physical Document ProtectionMost families don’t realize that digital-only versions of wills and other documents may not be permitted in their jurisdiction and could ultimately make the claims process far more expensive and cumbersome.  That’s why Legacy Planner 360 also stores and protects physical documents in one of the most secure environments in the world, ensuring a smooth asset recovery and transition process for families.
  • More Than Passwords – While other end-of-life planning services mostly focus on storage of digital passwords and facilitate successor access to online accounts (e.g., banks, email services, photo sites), they don’t realize this is often a violation of terms of service on many websites, may represent a form of identity theft and opportunity for misconduct, and is illegal in some jurisdictions even if you’re a family member.  Legacy Planner 360 guides families to avoid these unnecessary risks while offering more comprehensive solutions.
  • Department of Defense-level Encryption – In addition to transport layer security encryption for all transmitted data, FAS encrypts all stored data using two multi-factor encryption schemes.  First, the entire database is secured using AES-256 bit encryption, a level used by the Department of Defense. Second, each user’s data is secured using a specific encryption key, meaning each user has a unique combination to access their data.
  • Iron Mountain Partnership — FAS’s partnership with Iron Mountain provides users with a world-class physical document storage solution in one of the world’s most secure environments.
  • Verification Protocols – Legacy Planner 360’s proprietary claims process includes verification protocols similar to those required by financial institutions, validating the identity of the claim, the claimant and the circumstances surrounding the claim.
  • Concierge Service – The anti-fraud feature in Legacy Planner 360’s Concierge service plan ensures that courts receive the proper documents as soon as an account holder passes away.
  • Simple Dashboard – A single, convenient place to quickly see the entire planning process, including customized reports, ensuring that every detail of estate administration is properly handled.
  • Home Inventory Tracking – Helps families and insurance providers recover their assets and reduce fraud.


Instead of charging an ongoing monthly fee like some other services, Family Archival Solutions (FAS) makes it more cost-effective for families by charging a single, lifetime fee. FAS offers three service plans:  Basic ($79.99), Premium ($149.99), and Concierge ($1,299). For a full comparison of each plan’s features, visit

“As an attorney working for financial institutions, I have seen problems such as this almost on a daily basis,” remarked Nicholas. Failing to consider and act upon all of the issues around end-of-life planning, especially locating both physical documents and digital assets, makes life stressful and complex right when families need assistance the most. We created Legacy Planner 360 to solve this problem.”

“On a more personal level, my father was an educated, honest and sophisticated man. But despite his planning, we struggled to find his assets after he passed way, including documents that were hidden in password-protected and encrypted Quicken files,” added Nicholas. “We faced conflict from within the family and were left without contact information, knowledge of his online accounts, special wishes, and so forth.  Had Legacy Planner 360 existed at that time, we could have had a much less stressful, quicker and smoother transition after his passing.”

About Family Archival Solutions

Family Archival Solutions (FAS) provides the most comprehensive and secure family crisis and end-of-life planning service.  FAS provides complete piece of mind by ensuring that every single detail is efficiently and properly handled during the complex process of estate administration.  Using its deep legal expertise and world-class technology, FAS helps protect families from additional stress, wasted time, and unnecessary confusion, conflict, fraud, and expenses during and after a family crisis and/or loss of a family member. Unlike other piecemeal services, the company’s Legacy Planner 360 service goes well beyond digital document storage and tutorials by storing income sources, tracking physical assets and documents, and delivering emails and videos to loved ones.  Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Los Angeles, FAS is privately funded.  For more information, please visit

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