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Our Service / Message from the CEO

Mark NicholasOn behalf of Family Archival Solutions, Inc., and the National Will Registry I would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help protect you and your family. It is our mission to protect your most important documents, assets and wishes and we do that in a variety of ways designed solely to help you achieve your goals.

Family Archival exists to help families and professionals plan, prepare and administer personal affairs. This has never been easy. Yet despite incredible advances in technology, protecting our loved ones has been made more complicated for families with online accounts, electronic relationships, passwords and other obstructions standing in the way of families in managing their affairs of their loved ones. Personal account online photo storage, digital videos and other online valuables are at an even greater risk, whether due to inaction, inattention or misplacement.

The process of protecting the family was never easy and there has been quite a bit that has needed fixing–and now there’s even more.

The Statistics

  • Over 60% of U.S. adults will die without a basic estate plan. Over 75% of families with minor children lack a basic plan.
  • Wills and estates are routinely damaged, lost/misplaced or otherwise challenged in court, typically by family members
  • Nearly $2 billion in life insurance is unclaimed annually
  • $4.9 billion in other unclaimed assets are turned over to the government annually with only $1.7 billion in assets reclaimed
  • Attorneys report that more than 50% of their stored wills are left unclaimed
  • We estimate that families incur more than $5 billion annually in costs and expenses as a result of these issues.

It is rare to find a family that has not been affected by one or more of these issues. Our mission is to fix this.

Our Solution

Our service is designed to ensure that risks of confusion, delay, bias, conflict and misconduct are minimized, helping you to protect your most precious dreams and wishes. We seek to use technology, along with more than decades of legal and practical experience, to work in the family’s favor. Our goal is to provide the family with the most secure and reliable platform supported by world-class storage, and a system designed entirely around privacy and protection of assets. We avoid the all-too-common “cloud” storage structure of simple data management. Instead, our goal is to provide information in a usable and meaningful way.

We call it an Estate Roadmap, a collection of things that a family needs to know to make the administration of a loved one’s estate as simple and pain free as possible. We invented it, along with world class estate document storage and many of the features available to premium customers. Much of what we do had not been done and we are working every day to make families’ lives easier.

On a Personal Note…

Through my two decades of practicing law I have seen countless families face these difficulties. Equally telling is that my family has experienced these nightmare issues as well. My father was an educated and sophisticated man, honest and decent, and despite his planning we struggled to find assets, documents which were hidden in password protected and encrypted Quicken files, faced challenges from within the family and were left without contact information, knowledge of personal/cloud accounts and so forth.

As a family, we could have dealt with my father’s affairs so much more quickly and efficiently if we’d had access to the details of his affairs and known all of his special wishes, and we could have spent valuable time simply embracing his memory – and each other!

I now know that when I pass, my family will have the benefit of this service and most of all, the opportunity to share memories and time together in remembrance and celebration of our time together. To me, this is the most important legacy I can leave.

Thank you once again for your trust and confidence.


Mark Nicholas
Chief Executive Officer

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