Family Archival B2B Business Solutions

Making Your Life Easier. Let Us Help You Protect Your Clients.

There is Only So Much You Can Do

Whether you are helping craft an estate plan, as an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to benefit from individual traffic as well as well as our business-to-business relationships. We pay 15% commission for every individual sale which is referred, and a tiered schedule for business-to-business sales (which can be quite lucrative). We promote affiliates to preferred status and allow referrals for sales up to thirty days. Membership is of course free.

Our Ideal Partners

We are looking for partners who support our brand and mission. Integrity is critical and a value driven customer-oriented approach is required. In particular, we can offer you and your clients significant benefits as we create perfect synergies in partnership with:

  1. Attorneys
  2. CPAs
  3. Financial Professionals
  4. Estate Professionals
  5. Insurance Agents

Here are a few of the benefits with your partnership with Family Archival Solutions

Develop a More Complete Plan for your Clients

Identify assets and insurance requirements, assess documentation and increase client assets by recognizing and planning for your client's complete financial picture and personal requirements.  

Identify Additional Areas to Add Client Value

With greater knowledge comes better decisions. The information available to you will be far greater and your ability to utilize information for planning will be at your fingertips. Your client will instantly benefit from your expertise.

Reduce your Overhead with More Secure Alternatives

Let our world class security options alleviate your office limitations. In addition, greater efficiency during estate administration will result directly to an increased margin while still lowering client expenses.  

Client Retention and Efficient Administration

Ensure that you are positioned to help your client and client’s families through crisis by ensuring that you are contacted and that you have all the information you need to be the most likely option to retain the estate business while continuing to cultivate family relationships.