An Online Will For Your Digital Life | TechCrunch

An Online Will For Your Digital Life | TechCrunch June 25, 2013 —

As we collect some news on the state of the digital protection industry, it is important to highlight some of the initiatives out in the marketplace. We have similar concerns about account access as TechCrunch, but it is worth noting the TechCrunch article as a high level overview. We’ll get to the online will in a moment.

An Online Will For Your Digital Life | TechCrunch.

The Non-Online Will

There is no such thing as an online will, even for digital assets and accounts. The formalities and technicalities of will preparation are not tailored to facilitate the creation of an online will. Lacking signatures, witnesses, notaries and clear date tracking leaves the online will in a bit of weak position. It is not likely to be upheld by any court unless the beneficiaries all agree, and that can be a bit of a wild card. It is truly best to work with professionals before concluding that there are any meaningful protections for digital assets and your digital life. We’ll visit on that topic at length.

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